How we do it

Perfect planning without perfect execution is just wishful thinking. SJ Consulting brings expert product knowledge with the wisdom of experience, gained from over 4,500 successful site launches and efforts across over 3,000 databases, to every new project.

SJC works across virtually all content management and constituent relationship systems, including: Luminate/TeamRaiser, NetCommunity, WordPress, Drupal, Classy, Engaging Networks, FundraiseUp, JustGiving, EventBrite, Virtuous, Raiser’s Edge/RENXT, SalesForce, Bloomerang, and/or custom platforms.

SJC has a team of designers, coders, and consultants with expertise in online and offline databases, email marketing, and website platforms to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ needs. SJC’s singular mission is to ensure that our client-partners achieve theirs.


“Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first strategic vision.” – John Naisbitt

Knowing where you want to go is critical, but you must also have a plan for getting there. The overall strategy for your organization’s campaign is the single most important decision you will make. It’s the roadmap to success and requires a consistent ribbon of thought around which all of your team’s efforts must be focused.

There is no substitute for the wisdom of experience. Having launched over 4,500 digital campaigns and worked in over 3,000 databases, SJC knows what works, and, as importantly, we know what doesn’t. We can work with your team to expand the reach and impact of your mission.

Website Design & Development

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. It’s how it works.” – Steve Jobs

SJ Consulting will work with your team to translate strategy into action. Together we will create an ecosystem that combines visual impact with powerful functionality to engage your stakeholders to be a part of something bigger than themselves. SJC can help you with overall brand strategy and graphic design to create a powerful, visually appealing, and mobile responsive website for donor and community involvement.

This strategy includes mobile responsive website presence, online communities for your constituents, peer-to-peer fundraisers, event registration, memberships, volunteer management, and online giving programs.

SJC can provide end to end design and development or any point along the continuum: information architecture, design, analytics, social media, multi-media, and analytics services.

Email & Marketing

“Creativity is looking through a prism when the rest of the world simply looks through a window.” – Unknown

An effective email campaign can take the white light of your mission and create a cascade of color, increasing community awareness and appeals with donors, volunteers, sponsors, and prospects.

SJC will work with your team to create the strategy, design and impactful content to advance your organization’s message through the use of e-newsletters, appeals, event announcements, stewardship, and email campaigns.

Database Analysis, Support & Reports

“There are no accounting issues, no trading issues, no reserve issues, no previously unknown problem issues.” – Kenneth Lay

Perhaps no assertion in history aged worse. But it does demonstrate the absolute necessity for accurate data. Do you know if your organization’s data is accurate, or do you only think it is?

SJC can provide a detailed analysis of your database and associated tools to assess use of the data and overall structure and configuration of connected databases. The analysis will provide specific recommendations to help with staff training, diagnostic query control reports, best practices, and a plan for clean-up.

SJC assists many organizations with migration services between CRMs – from pre-migration clean up and preparation, through migration into a new database, and post-migration training, report build, and more.

Additionally, with SJC’s work across different CRMs in the nonprofit space, we are able to perform technical assessments and strategic consulting to help determine what your organization needs and from what solution(s).

Business Intelligence and Crystal Reports are designed to your specific requirements and include a variety of reports such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and End of Fiscal Year Processes; Financial Revenue and Income Variance; Donor Profiling and Donor Retention; Moves Management; Grants Pending and Granted.

With the right data analysis tools at your team’s disposal, these reports can uncover vast untapped opportunities.

Corporate Responsibility

The world is a big place, and its challenges are equally big. But, when industry and advocacy work together, those challenges get much smaller.

SJC has been bringing together shared values partners from industry and advocacy for over a decade, because we understand that collaboration between the two propels the big ideas neither could accomplish alone… partnering to change the world.

Some of our advocacy clients have included Hope the Mission, American Heart Association, Walk With A Doc, American College of Cardiology, Are You Fit?, and ParkRX.