When was the last time you did something
that truly changed the world...?

Well that's too long.

Over 4,500 sites launched and
over $20 billion in online
donations made since ‘06.

SJC is a Woman Owned Small Business
that recognizes changing the world
requires first changing your

We work with clients who share our values
and our desire to leave the world a better
place than we found it.

Our clients' mission is our mission,
and we pursue it with singular focus.

Our Inspiration

Is it too ambitious to set out to change the world?
We don’t think so. In fact, it’s our mission to help our clients do just that.

How we do it

Our focus is social responsibility

If you don’t leave the world better than you found it,
what did you do?

Who we are

We have a unique perspective

When we work together, the big challenges get much smaller. Working with industry and advocacy gives us a unique perspective.

What we do


Design & Development

Email Marketing

Database & Reports

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